Frequently Asked Questions

thegarden ioa blockchain software company dedicated to making the world see the true progressive nature of the blockchain realm. By setting the standard for progressive blockchain tech, we invite the world to carry on with us in this new, exciting field. Much of the technology thegarden ioates is open sourced, and the transparency we exhibit is an open invitation for innovators all across the globe to work directly with us for the betterment of humanity, and the human condition.

Designed to be an immutable, blockchain based sexual assault reporting system, the Lotus Protocol is one of thegarden'ioirst projects. We take the idea of securely encoding information unto a blockchain, and apply that level of security into making sure survivors of sexual assault can be sure they have an unbiased means of sharing their stories, and their experiences. Thus, the Lotus Protocol is not just blockchain technology software, but rather a means to providing a voice for survivors all across the world.

We have come to realize that as anonymity is allowed and we give more people an opportunity to speak out, some may use this tool for good into a weapon of injustice. thegarden ios not condone any misuse of the Lotus Protocol software and does not validate any of the confessions that may be reported using the software. In essence, we can only provide the means to report such instances, but we do not own nor take responsibility for the information laid out on the Lotus Protocol system. It is designed to be completely impartial, and while we are working on possible solutions, we must acknowledge the necessity of providing an outlet to begin with. On college campuses alone, it is estimated that around 95% of sexual assaults are not even reported. Furthermore. only about 310 out of every 1,000 cases of sexual assault are reported to the police. In light of this, the technology we are releasing into the world is a starting point to be improved upon, and to promote real, tangible change in these areas.

In terms of future endeavors, expect more work directly pointing at solving issues that plague society today. This can range from almost anything the mind can imagine, from global warming to 21st century accountability measures, if it can be improved, decentralized, or disrupted; the team at thegarden ioalready looking into it!

thegarden ioramping up for a huge ambassador system in the coming months. In order to help us with our goal to decentralize, revolutionize, and impact the world, sign up to be an amabassador for the Lotus Protocol system and help us on our journey to making the world a better place!