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Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to use Blockchain technology to connect people together in a way that hasn't been done before. By changing the way blockchain growth occurs, we can open the rest of the world to the wonders of blockchain technology in their daily lives.

VISION: Our vision is the refocusing and the realligning of the blockchain space around projects grounded in truly decentralized access and scalability. After noticing the need for scalable, decentralized blockchain infrastructure our team came together to create a standard that unites the world in a way that ensures scalability, ease of access, security, and a consumer friendly platfom to match.


"We are revolutionizing the way Blockchain technology is used world wide."

Ever since Blockchain technology was first introduced into the world, we have seen platforms take the ability to decentralize information to new and disruptive heights. Here we take these efforts even further by providing the tools and the structure to create a better, more ethical society using scalabale and accessible Blockchain infrastructure.


What we're working on

The Oya

We are the creators of the Oya. The world's first blockchain dedicated entirely to the decentralized reporting of sexual assault and abuse world wide. This protocol will act as a rallying point for survivors worldwide to share their stories in a way that the world has never seen before.

The Oba

Our native coin, the Oba, is the world's first completely mobile cryptocurrency. It was built using the Proof-of-Record consensus algorithm in tandem with Proof of Work, to create the only truly accessible global failsafe.

Proof of Record

We have developed Proof-Of-Record, a patent pending consensus algorithm designed to create infinitely scalable blockchains.

Meet our team

Bringing Blockchain to You

Gentill Abdulla

Chief Executive Officer

Michael I. Jordan

Chief Operations Officer


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